“An exploitive attitude is fostered. Not becoming involved with the subject, the student grabs for rote payoff rather than insight.”

“Everything is interesting, until ruined for us. Nothing in the universe is intrinsically uninteresting. Schooling systematically ruins things for us, wiping out these interests; the last thing to be ruined determines your profession.”

“Under such circumstances [of students controlling the sequence] students will actually be interested, motivated to achieve far more than they have ever achieved within the normal instructional framework; and any lopsidedness which may result will be far offset by the degree of accomplishment which will occur—it being much better to create lopsided but enthusiastic genius specialists than listless, apathetic, or cruelly rebellious mediocrities. If they start soon enough they may even reach adulthood with natural minds: driven by enthusiasm and interest, crippled in no areas, eager to learn more, and far smarter than people ordinarily end up being.”

I had a hard time choosing only one nugget to base my assignment off of this week. Throughout the reading I got the impression that Nelson had a passion for knowledge and for allowing the “creative juices to flow”. While the grading system of the United States can be helpful in that it gives a student certain goals to strive for, it can also be a hindrance to some students. To have one’s focus strictly based on that A+ grade can cause a student to sell himself short.  According to Elaine Weiss, “Pressure on test scores has crowded out the art, music, and drama that cultivate a love of learning and that draw out children’s unique skills.”  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not blaming teachers for this, or the parents, or the United States even. Every person’s situation is different and whether or not you choose to rise above and not join the masses in the struggle for that perfect score is what matters. Not that a good grade isn’t important…just don’t sell your soul to get there.

And just some extras for your Monday. 🙂

“When you can’t tear a teeny kid away from the computer screen, we’ll have gotten there [to real media of the future].”


“The computer doesn’t work that way”


“Computers are not everything, they are just an aspect of everything, and not to know this is computer illiteracy, a silly and dangerous ignorance.”