Why is ultrasound not considered a gold standard?

Although ultrasound is a frequently ordered test, it is not considered a gold standard due to limitations. It is, however, frequently ordered for reasons such as it is less expensive, noninvasive, and in patients lacking certain limitations can lead to the same results. With the current economical situation and new healthcare costs, these reasons become very important. In my research project I will be discussing these limitations in further detail. I will also try to prove whether or not future progression of ultrasound could cause it to become a gold standard and what the new digital age will mean for the future of ultrasound.


With my initial research proposal, I had a topic but I didn’t have a definite direction. Without this direction I could see myself branching off in multiple subsets and give facts but not establish nor solve an argument. Now that I have an argumentative question I can focus on that and give my inquiry project a clear direction.