Part 1: In the article If the World Began Again, Would Life as We Know It Exist the one thing that I noticed and appreciated was the restatement of certain quotes and key points that emphasized the authors point. This showed me what the author considered to be important to the argument he was stating. The images and media that was used didn’t do much to persuade me one way or the other. They pertained to the article, however, didn’t extend much more than that.  As the article was more factual than argumentative, the platform worked well. It was straightforward with no major frills so as not to distract from the point.

Part 2:

I have decided to use a page on my WordPress account for my inquiry project. I contemplated using Medium because I liked the format of it, however, it did not seem to accommodate media very well. I want to be able to have the option of using a variety of media in the form of pictures, gifs, and videos. Familiarity is another reason for choosing WordPress. Blogging in itself is foreign to me and I want to be able to focus on the project rather than how to use my platform. Based on the above reasoning I feel that WordPress would best assist me in creating an argumentative and informative inquiry project.