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Even with future technological progression ultrasound can never be a gold standard for medical testing. The main reason for this is because there are several factors that prevent ultrasound from being fully reliable such as patient obesity, edema, dressing, and tenderness. Also, ultrasound is an operator dependent modality – considered “used by many, understood by few“. It requires extensive training and experience to correctly operate the machine and diagnose disease. While ultrasound is the most often chosen modality because of cost effectiveness and its noninvasive manner, it is not the most accurate. Studies have shown that computed tomography (CT scan), angiography, and venography are considered gold standards over ultrasound. I could give you several reasons why ultrasound might be the gold standard in medical treatment, however I can point out far greater technological deficiencies of ultrasound, therefore preventing it from becoming the true golden standard for treatment in the medical field.